Date:   Oktober 5, 2019

Project: Derneburg Castle, 2005/06
Type: Expert Architectural Report
Location: Hildesheim, Germany
Architects: Jens Brinkmann
Collaborators: Christiane Egger, Anton Orlowski, Kristina Krings
Built surface: 4.000 m2
Status: Completed

This project included a condition assessment of DERNEBURG CASTLE as well as the architecture and landscape Documentation of the adjacent farm Buildings adjacent. In addition, UA was responsible for the coordination of reports detailing the technical and structural condition of the buildings.
The colourful history of Derneburg Castle began in the mid-eleventh century with the founding of a monastery in Derneburg. In 1814 the – then dilapidated – monastery passed into the hands of Count Ernst zu Münster. Under Count Ernst‘s son, Georg Herbert, the radical transformation of the existing monastery building was carried out by the famous architect G.L.F. Laves from Hannover. Laves had, many years earlier, also designed the original landscape garden for Count Ernst zu Münster. The new development meant the demolition of about two thirds of the church. The developments from this period form the general architectural character of the building that we see today. In 1975, the artist Georg Baselitz bought the estate. Since then it has served as the artist‘s home and work place. In 1995 an additional studio was built in the garden.
The Derneburg Castle Architectural Report carried out by United Architektur shows the development potential of the exhibition spaces and living areas. In the living areas we suggest a juxtaposition of historical interior elements with contemporary interior design. The gallery spaces follow the concept of spatial interplay in between individual art works and the dynamic features of the room itself.