Date:   August 17, 2012

Project: House B, 2005
Type: Commission
Location: Hannover, Germany
Architects: Jens Brinkmann
Manufacturing of furniture: Elena Kikina (Fashion designer)
Built surface: 200 m2
Status: Completed

The clients asked for a modification of their 1960’s duplex house, located in the city centre of Lower Saxony’s capital of Hannover. The house achieves its generousness through double height spaces in the dining room and living area.

The project involved new handrail protection on the ground and first floor, translucent sliding-walls, a new library, and furniture including a sideboard and seat pads.

Invisibility and spatial generousness were the main theme of the project. This led to the use of materials such as white polyester net-weave, transparent and translucent polycarbonate as well as white coated metal fixtures and steel cable.

The hanging sideboard also creates impression of lightness through its lateral fixture. It leaves a space between the walls, which follows the whole length of the furniture. The sideboard is made out of white coated metal and has three doors on the front.

The seat pads were designed to block the stairs so that children cannot hurt themselves, but can be used in different ways, for example for sitting, playing or resting. There are several configurations of seat pads available.

Photos: Birgit Krause