Date:   Juni 28, 2016

Ongoing Project: Case Study House I, 2019
Type: Commission
Location: Marienthal, Germany
Architects: Jens Brinkmann
Collaborators: Aya Yamanaka, Derek Kleynhans, Julius Hahmann, Juan Carlos Zapata Baldrich
Built surface: 120 m2
Budget: 240.000 €
Status: In progress

This seasonal residence is situated in Marienthal, a village one hour north of Berlin. The proximity to the Rheinsberger Lake District and the Schorfheide-Chorin UNESCO Biosphere Reservation offers visitors a sensational experience of nature in an incomparable setting.
The house also uses this link to nature as its leading idea. It is can be seen as a variable threshold between internal and external areas. It is perceived as one stretched space, running along the glassed garden facade. The interior is organized by repeated modules with various functions.