Date:   Juni 27, 2016

Project: Ch56, 2006
Type: Commission
Location: Berlin, Germany
Client: Frank Hülsbömer
Architects: UA
Collaborators: Enrique Sanchez Duran
Built surface: 15 m2
Status: Completed

The client asked for the reorganization of the entrance space to his photography studio and adjacent offices. This involved a better orientation for visitors, a new lighting concept and the creation of storage space for photo equipment.
The project creates a new passageway inside the existing space. On one side, the black linoleum floor folds up the wall to a height of 2 meters, on the other side movable plywood wall panels form a continuous surface of the full height of the room up to 3.10m. At one point, the panels are folded. The tracks at the ceiling form a cross, running along the whole length of the space. Like this the wall panels can be shifted into the passageway to access the storeroom which is located behind them.
The lighting concept is based on fluorescent tubes which are installed into the ceiling.  They run along the course of tracks of the wall panels. This creates a dynamic impression for the visitor.

Photos: Frank Hülsbömer