Date:   Juni 28, 2016

Project: Palmela Archeological Site Museum, 2005
Type: Europan 8 Competition, Architecture and urban planning
Location: Aldeia Bacelo, Palmela, Portugal
Client: Associação Europan Portugal
Architects: Jens Brinkmann
Collaborators: Christiane Egger, Anna Kulka, Vanessa Nebgen
Built surface: 15.000 m2
Status: Completed

The natural surroundings, existing structures and new centres are connected with each other by finding the common denominator between these elements. Borders, levels, eye scapes and functions are highlighted to create a new common identity. Our project aims to strengthen the dominant elements of the town of Aldeia Bacelo:
– the border between the Arrábida Natural Park and the urbanized area
– the topographic situation in terms of slightly but notable differences in levels
– the dominant horizon of the Louro Mountain Ridge which overlooks the whole town.

The ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE MUSEUM and the Environmental Centre houses the information office for nature tourism. This building not only reflects the natural form of the archaeological site, but also connects to the site of the finds by garden terraces extending into the landscape. The borders between new and existing are obvious, but the interconnectivity overrides these structures.

The accessible roofs become part of the landscape experience. Through tapered shaped skylights, light is directed into the interior of the building. They also serve as structural support for display cases and exhibition devices.