Date:   Februar 22, 2013

Project: Seasonal Living Paúba, 2010
Type: Commission
Location: Paúba, São Sebastião, SP, Brazil
Client: Helio and Sueli Alves de Sousa
Architects: Jens Brinkmann
Collaborators: Simone Buck, Katharina Schüler
Built surface: 756 m2
Status: In progress

Seasonal living is an urban phenomenon in Brazil. The city dweller wants to leave the overregulated civilisation from time to time. A yearning for the primal, the simple, lures him into nature. With the periodical adjustment of the centre of life, a form of living has developed here that should be called >seasonal<. Seasonal living puts the period of utilisation and its influence on architecture in the centre of consideration. Dualism, connection to nature, flexibility and reduction are major features of seasonal architecture.

The clients asked for apartments for weekend and short break tourism in Paúba. The beach and village of the same name are located in the county of São Sebastião, south of the city of São Paulo. Here, the plateau which extends over the main part of South-East Brazil abruptly slopes down to the Atlantic Ocean. Its steep mountains are covered with subtropical costal rainforest, forming an impressive natural backdrop.
The project creates a strong correlation between the interior and the landscape. A single folded roof slab spans over the whole building. It allows views of the close surroundings and the distant mountains, providing shadow and protection from the sometimes heavy rainfalls. The building sits on a terrace platform which serves as a veranda and parking area. It is highly flexible in the adaptation of variable patterns of occupancy. All rooms are also accessible from the outside. Five double bedroom apartments can be rented out either combined or separately. There is an additional possibility of connecting the pool terrace of the adjacent site to the new terrace platform.

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