Date:   Februar 22, 2013

Project: Stand and Service Unit Athletic Sports Stadium St. Jakob, 2012
Type: Competition
Location: Basle, Switzerland
Client: City of Basle
Architects: Jens Brinkmann, Bernd Huckriede
Collaborators: Juliane Hummel, Carolin Paschke, Thomas Michal, Robert Schöps
Built surface: 5.200 m2
Budget: 35.000.000 CHF
Status: competition completed


The design concept for the new St. Jakob Athletic Stadium grandstand in Basel was based on four key design considerations:

1. Open Structures in the Landscape
The new construction distinguishes itself via extensive glassed areas (a multifunction room and a two level access corridor to the south) and is thereby successfully incorporated into the parameters predefined by the relationship to the environment (in the very sensitive and landscape dependent recreation area of Brüglinger Ebene).

2. The Grandstand as an Open Platform
The new structure emphatically completes the existing athletics stadium, in that it suggestive of grandstand with an open platform. The platform is situated at the same height as the existing three-sided stands and its completion encloses the stadium into a singular space.

3. Spatial Interstices as linear Access Systems
The access concept is based on a southerly, in the direction of the alley, heavily glassed two floor spatial interstice. This develops an access zone in the ground and basement levels, through which all the inner spaces are subject to natural lighting.

4.  An Expanded-Metal Facade as an Adaption to the Material Concept of the St. Jacob Area
The appearance of the structure takes the material and colour codices of the St. Jacob area, the nearby football stadium as well as other sport and event buildings in the Brüglinger Ebene. The new structure is characterised by exposed concrete, imprinted expanded-metal and semi-transparent structural elements. The grandstand’s façade is circumferentially protected by an expanded metal skin. The surface of the façade is marked in white with the entrances to the building and with information for better orientation. The expanded metal also makes the façade very resistant to vandalism.


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