Date:   September 14, 2014

Project: Tyrol Research Archive, 2013
Type: Competition
Location: Hall in Tirol, Austria
Client: State of Tyrol
Architects: Jens Brinkmann, Bernd Huckriede
Collaborators: Julie Biron, Lorenza Manfredi
Status: Competition completed

The Archive and Research Centre of Tyrol’s National Museums fits in well with the heterogeneous building structure of the surrounding built environment through limited space consumption as a cubic building.  The enclosed stone cube is a treasure chest and safe for cultural assets.
The roof, which appears as a fifth facade, is well distinguishable and recognizable from above. However, the building still appears compact in the immediate vicinity. The incisions into the stone ‚cube‘ alludes to archaeological excavation trenches.
The ground floor in the first section of the building comprises of easily accessible delivery zones and workshops. Archives are situated below and spaces which need daylight, such as offices and studios, are in the upper floors. The layering of the building leads to a clear spatial division of functional areas into various climatic sections.