Tuan Anh Nguyen, Julie Biron, Peter Breiler,  Simone Buck,  Jörg Burkart,  Lars Debbert,  Cristiane Egger,  Dana Faridani-Rad, Mariam Fouda, Marina Felix,  Jens Gehrcken, Julius Hahmann, Sonja Hehemann,  Elena Herwath von Bittenfeld,  Felix Hildebrand,  Juliane Hummel, Derek Kleynhans, Francesca Klute

Lars Kowalke, Kristina Krings,  Minh Le, Victoria López, Vivien Mackrodt,  Martin Maleschka,  Lorenza Manfredi,  Peter Mehrtens,  Thomas Michal,  Magdalena Nottrott, Anton Orlowski, Taehun Oh, Ana Stela Paoli, Carolin Paschke,  Thomas Peters, Paula Petrovíc, Noël Picaper, Soleïa Pierre, Anna Ponge

Mona Rahal, Quentin Rihoux,  Enrique Sanchez,  Diana Saric,  Sven Schilling,  Robert Schöps,  Katharina Schüler,  Carolina Vital do Rêgo, Matthias Weyrauch,  Aya Yamanaka, Gonca Yilmaz,  Juan Carlos Zapata Baldrich, George Zautashvili,  Claire Zuber


List of projects

2018-2021: Ongoing Project
Start-Up Incubator and Coworking Space, Cottbus, Germany.
(with Prof. Bernd Huckriede, Ludwig Heimbach, CGG)
2016: Completed
Office furniture, Meyer-Köring Law firm, Berlin-Mitte, Germany.
2014: Competition
Town Hall extension with Civic Centre in Hohen Neuendorf, Germany.
(with Christoph Deimel and Iris Oelschläger)
2013: Completed
Conference room and library, Meyer-Köring Law firm, Berlin-Mitte, Germany.
2013: Project
Office for theoxx, São Paulo, Brazil.
2006: Completed
CH56. Remodeling photographer’s Studio, Berlin-Mitte.

2019: Competition
Bruggerhorn Lakeside Beach Resort, St. Margrethen, Switzerland
(with landscape architect Donald Jacob, Basle)
2012: Competition
Stand and Service Unit Athletic sports stadium St. Jakob, Basle, Switzerland.
(with Prof. Bernd Huckriede)
2010-12: Project
Sauna and Spa Waldhotel Eiche, Burg/Spreewald, Germany.
2009: Competition
Senftenberg City Harbour, Senftenberg, Germany.

2013: Competition
Archive and Research Centre of Tyrol’s National Museums, Hall in Tirol, Austria.
(with Prof. Bernd Huckriede)
2008-09: Completed
Haus des Kindes nursery school, Golßen, Germany.
(with Prof. Bernd Huckriede, Doreen Ebert, Alejandro Tomás-Roldán)
2006: Competition
Renovation and extension Mercado de Cascais, Cascais, Portugal.
2005: Competition
Europan 9: Palmela. Palmela Archeological site Museum, Aldeia Bacelo, Portugal.
2005: Competition

2013-15: Project
Hanse Trading Warehouse, Fürstenwalde/Spree, Germany. (with Prof. Bernd Huckriede and landscape architect Siegfried Bacher)


2020-21: Ongoing Project
Housing Tipology I: Single shape, Extention of a family house in Berlin-Köpenick, Germany.
2020-21: Ongoing Project
Housing Tipology II: Urban context, Extention of a family house in Cottbus, Germany.
2020-21: Ongoing Project
Housing Tipology III: Garden courtyard, Residence and Recording Studio, Conversion of a historical Townhouse, Arneburg, State of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
2020: Ongoing Project
Case Study House I, Weekend home, State of Brandenburg, Germany.
2013: Urban Design Competition
Landeswettbewerb 2013: Mixed generational district development in Arnsberg-Neheim »Wohnen und Leben am Müggenberg«. (with reset-studio)
2011: Competition
Europan 11: Würzburg. »Small-scale urbanity«, Concepts for the transformation of the Hubland urban district in Würzburg, Germany.
2008: Project
Paúba Seasonal Living, Beach House, São Paulo State, Brazil.
2007: Competition, 1st Prize
Housing Aulendorf, Germany. (with Alejandro Tomás-Roldán and Dana Matschek)
2005: Completed
House B, Hannover, Germany.
2004-05: Project
Amme Housing Complex and Restaurant, Hannover, Germany.
2004-05: Completed
Gera01, former GDR-Embassy of Nigeria in East-Berlin, Berlin-Pankow,
Germany. (with Dominik Schwarzer, Brussels)

2018: Competition
Mocca Eck: An Artifact of East German Modernism for the Humboldt Forum,
Art Installation with Bernd Trasberger, Berlin, Germany
2016: Competition
The Museum of the 20th Century and its urban integration, Berlin, Germany.
(with landscape architect Siegfried Bacher)
2014: Competition, 2nd Prize
RAW:almond River pop-up restaurant, Winnipeg, Canada
2005: Completed
Akademie für Malerei, Berlin-Charlottenburg.
2005: Competition
Bremen Art Gallery Extension, Bremen, Germany.
2005/06: Expert Architectural Report and Project study.
Derneburg Castle, Holle/Hildesheim, Germany.
2004: Urban Planning Ideas Competition
»Watermark Reinfeld«, Waterfront Concept Plan and Housing, Reinfeld, Germany.
1998: Ideas Competition, Finalist (10 out of 250)
»This is not Manhattan«, Van Alen Institute, New York City, USA.
(with Fabien Gantois, Paris)