Date:   August 19, 2013

Project: Akademie für Malerei, 2005
Type: Commission
Location: Berlin, Germany
Client: Ute Wöllmann
Architects: Jens Brinkmann
Collaborators: Diana Saric
Size: 250 m2
Status: Completed

The AKADEMIE FÜR MALEREI is a private art school in Berlin. It involves studio spaces for students and a class room for group meetings and small exhibitions. The owner, painter Ute Wöllmann, asked for additional space to store paintings, canvas and art materials. The project is all about simplicity and lightness. UA suggested a series of light wooden structures which hang off the ceiling at a height of 2.20 meters. There is no support below, allowing the free flow of people. For storage and structural reasons the structures are divided into compartments. They offer a maximum storage height of 1.60 m at a depth of 1.50 m.


Photos: Frank Hülsbömer